Raised in Atlanta, I love the cosmopolitan feel of the city.  When I went to Vanderbilt (which is in Nashville, TN), I missed the diversity and culture of the big city.  I really enjoyed Vandy though, and I got a wonderful liberal arts education focused on European History and Music.  After graduating in 2001, I went over to a huge city in East Asia for a year-long internship with Cru.  It opened my eyes and changed my world.  Although I’d been raised in a home that honored the Lord, I’d never been able to accept my own need for a Savior.  Even though I’d given my life to God at an early age and, I believe, had relationship with the Lord, it wasn’t until I went to the mission field that I realized how desperately I needed someone to save me from myself.  Like Eustace Scrubb in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I thought I had all the right answers.  I had no idea that I was really selfish, small-souled, and hard-hearted.  By His incredible tender grace and the power of His Spirit at work in me, God has been in the process of working deep change in me since that year.

My life is an adventure every day! I love to read and to learn, I really like making music, I hear that I’m both fiesty and delicate, and – most of all – I’m on a journey towards heaven.  I hope you enjoy what you read here as I share about what I’m learning along the way!