How does one define “myself”?  I could list resume type things here: undergrad from Vanderbilt, Master of Arts (Religion) from Reformed Theological Seminary’s Atlanta campus, career in vocational ministry, world traveled.

I could list biographical information here: second of six kids (5 girls and a brother for each, as my dad likes to say), from a generationally Christian family, single for many years, married a Lebanese-American man when I was 35, adoptive mom.

I could list soul insight here: I love fiction with happy endings, melodious music (both listening to it and making it), my little back deck garden of herbs and flowers, chocolate chip cookies and brownies with a glass of whole milk, and my husband’s bear hugs.

I could list sufferings here: burnout, unemployment, financial hardship, my father-in-law’s cancer and death (while my husband and I were dating), infertility.

I could list here spiritual truths in which I’ve grown: the grace of Christ for a closet perfectionist, the love of God the Father for a girl who thought herself unlovable, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit for an introvert who likes relationship.

But as we all know, lists are inadequate.  They can only give the barest outline of shape to a person.  You’ll have to keep reading to know me.  I hope you enjoy my musings.