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Jesus Loves Pharisees Too

Over dinner at Christmas Conference last week, one of my co-workers asked me what I was going to write my first book about.  I laughed, since I’m not planning to write a book, but then I thought about it.  “What... Continue Reading →

I’m a Rich Woman

I've been working lately on memorizing Ephesians chapter 1.  (As an aside, may I suggest memorizing chapters of the Bible?  It gives you much better understanding of what any given verse says when you memorize it in context of the larger whole. ... Continue Reading →

“Hard…But Good”

In Cru, we laugh at how there’s this somewhat standard answer to some questions.  It goes like this: “How was your summer?” “It was hard… but good.” “How was your year?” “Hard… but good.” A while back, I asked a... Continue Reading →

Freakin’ Cool Story – 2 Samuel 9

I’ve been working last week and this week on 2 Samuel 9 for my classes.  I’ll spend the next two weeks after this continuing to work on it.  Don’t glaze over; I’m about to tell you just how amazing and... Continue Reading →

Dirty Dishes Make a Shallow Life

When I was living in Asia, I remember being caught off guard - and honestly, kind of grossed out - by the clean up methods in the "back street" restaurants.  They had delicious food, but the table was always a... Continue Reading →


I’ve been thinking today about beauty.  What is it that makes us love beauty so much?  Beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful artwork, beautiful landscape…it all makes something inside of us feel a sense of joy or delight or even pain... Continue Reading →

The Holiness of God is Embedded in Mercy

Well, as often happens, it would seem that God wants to remind me of a part of His character that I've been conveniently forgetting.  You've probably experienced this before... somehow, the same passages of Scripture or the same theme in different Scriptures... Continue Reading →

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