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It’s So Hard to Say Good-Bye to Yesterday

My first solo ever was in 8th grade.  Our chorus sang It's So Hard to Say Good-Bye to Yesterday a cappella, and I got to sing the second verse.  For those of you youngsters who weren't even born yet when this... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Holidays

Today is a snow day.  I slept in, had homemade bread with butter and jelly for breakfast (thanks, Christy!), and am currently drinking hot chocolate out of my favorite "Aunt Becca" mug while I sit in front of a crackling fire... Continue Reading →

Soul Pirouettes

Have you ever felt like the glorious truth about who God is and how He loves you makes your soul do pirouettes?  I love that feeling.  Not being a dancer myself, I think my soul pirouette may look more like... Continue Reading →

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