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God: the First Boss & the First Matchmaker

In my post on Genesis chapter 1, I wrote about Creation in the panoramic view.  In Genesis chapter 2, we meet our characters more close-up-and-personal.  Chapter 2 is the first installment of the first real story we get in the Bible.  If you have... Continue Reading →

Acquiring Hope

I live in a privileged world.  In my social circles, people are generally beautiful, highly educated, financially sound, physically healthy, and very well-connected.  We have the ability to get most material items we want (homes, cars, expensive kitchen appliances…or whatever…),... Continue Reading →

The Lord is this Urban Girl’s Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. ~ Psalm 23:1 There are no two ways about it: I’m an urbanite.  I grew up in the city (mostly), went to college in the city, and have lived all my... Continue Reading →

God Loves You

Tomorrow, I'll be providing ceremony music for a beautiful bride and groom as they come before "God and these people" to make their vows to one another.  One of the songs they have requested is this favorite hymn of mine, "Before the... Continue Reading →

He Loves Me!

But now this is what the LORD says, He who created you, o Jacob, He who formed you, o Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.” ~ Isaiah 43:1 Standing... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My World

Dear friends, If you’ve talked to me at all in the last year or so, I’ve probably told you that I’m planning to do some writing.  You then may have asked, “What are you going to write about?” And I... Continue Reading →


Have you ever had an "aha" moment?  You know, one of those moments when the lightbulb comes on over your head, and you suddenly seem to see something very clearly?  Maybe the solution to a problem suddenly became apparent to... Continue Reading →

Jesus Loves Pharisees Too

Over dinner at Christmas Conference last week, one of my co-workers asked me what I was going to write my first book about.  I laughed, since I’m not planning to write a book, but then I thought about it.  “What... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Father is THAT?

A few years ago, I was talking with a sweet Vietnamese-American student about Jesus and why I believe in him.  As we talked in the student center, I felt that it would be helpful for us to have something to... Continue Reading →

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