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What Makes a Man a Superhero

  Midnight last night found my husband cleaning out my bathroom sink for me, clogged up by my curly tresses. It’s an icky job, and it requires some handyman work. We should have started the process earlier, of course, but... Continue Reading →

On my iTunes Repeat

Happy Friday! I've been listening to this song on repeat quite a bit in the last few months.  For me, it has the effect of soothing my fears, reminding me of God's power and promises.  It's such beautiful music.  I... Continue Reading →

Perspective: Women as “Sons of God”

As I was leaving campus last night, one of my students was telling me about a conversation she'd had with a guy about how hard it is for men to identify with the image of being "the Bride of Christ." ... Continue Reading →

The Astounding Nature of God’s Character in Genesis

For the last few weeks, I've been thinking about God's character as He reveals Himself in Genesis.  I've started teaching a series at Agnes Scott on the story of the Bible from beginning to end, and I've realized as I've... Continue Reading →

Freakin’ Cool Story – 2 Samuel 9

I’ve been working last week and this week on 2 Samuel 9 for my classes.  I’ll spend the next two weeks after this continuing to work on it.  Don’t glaze over; I’m about to tell you just how amazing and... Continue Reading →

The Holiness of God is Embedded in Mercy

Well, as often happens, it would seem that God wants to remind me of a part of His character that I've been conveniently forgetting.  You've probably experienced this before... somehow, the same passages of Scripture or the same theme in different Scriptures... Continue Reading →

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