I had a delightful conversation with a student today about what it means that Jesus satisfies us.  Does this mean we don’t need anything or anyone else?  That we’re saying “Jesus is not enough for me if I want a husband, or close friends”?  So often we sing with conviction (if not much thought), “You’re all I want; You’re all I’ve ever needed.”  But is this really biblical?

I think not.  It sounds awfully spiritual, wonderfully “sold out to God,” but I don’t think it’s biblical.

The fact is, when God created Eden in all its beauty and splendors, and He created Adam and placed him in the lush garden, God gave Adam work to do – before the Fall.  That’s right, before sin entered the world, Adam had work to do.  (Genesis 2:15)  We must assume that he was joyful in it, that he enjoyed it.

But there, before the Fall, in the midst of that lovely garden, with meaningful God-given work and face-to-face conversations with God Himself, Adam had no suitable helper, no companion in his work.  God didn’t say to him, “Now Adam, shame on you.  Don’t you know that I, the great Ezer, the great Helper, am enough for you??”

No, instead God said, “This is not good.  I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18).  God created Eve, brought her to Adam, and Adam began writing poetry in his delight (Genesis 2:23).  God began the process of placing Adam in family and in community to help him with the great and joyful burden of filling, ruling, and subduing the earth (Genesis 1:28).

So, if you’re feeling like Jesus isn’t quite enough for you, and you feel ashamed, like a lesser spiritual person than whoever writes the lyrics of songs like that, hear this:

Only God can meet and heal the inner places of your heartbut as He does that, He opens the way for others to come in to those places as well. 

He created you for relationship.  He created you with needs, desires, and wants.  You were not created to operate independently, as if you have no need for other people in your life.  God brings glory to Himself by meeting your needs – physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual – through the people He places in your life in addition to meeting them through your time alone with Him.  So rejoice in His great gifts, be honest with others about who you are, and allow the overflow of what He does in your heart and life to be your song of praise to Him!