Back in college, I was part of a ministry that is now called Cru. It was a wonderful avenue for my spiritual growth, and when I graduated, I decided to spend a year in Asia working with Cru to help other college students have a similar experience of spiritual growth. That year turned out to be extremely hard – a lot of humbling, a lot of seeing that I am not the Savior (a blog post to come on that one), a lot of weakness and feeling “other than” in a land where curly red hair stood out in a sea of shiny straight black hair.

Although I had often dreamed of being in Christian ministry, my year abroad with Cru made me start thinking that I should look into other avenues of earning a living! I returned to the States wanting to do something different.

However, after working some healing into my heart, the Lord brought me back around to ministry. I came back to work with Cru in 2004 and worked with college students around Metro Atlanta for seven years. In 2011, I was again ready for something different. I enrolled at the local seminary for my Master of Arts and began working in administration there about six months later.

Six YEARS later, the Lord is again calling me back to field ministry. This past season has been one of both formal and informal training. The joys and the sorrows of life have given me greater compassion and love for God and others, and my degree and my church’s women’s ministry have equipped me to help people understand our stories in light of God’s Story.

Isn’t it fun to see the seasons of life unfold?

And so, I am once again going back to work with Cru. Although I love the organization, I thought my time with them was done. As it turns out, my time doing college ministry was done, but Cru does so much more than college ministry.

In this next season, I will be working with Cru City, the general adult ministry arm of Cru. I will be leading small group Bible studies and mentoring women here in Atlanta. I will also be available to teach or lead worship at retreats and seminars, and I hope to do more regular writing as well.

Cru staff raise all their own funding, so you will notice that I have added a “Give” tab at the top of my site. If you feel so led, you can give tax deductible gifts to my account with Cru through the page linked there.

​I’m turning 40 next week, and I am so delighted that the Lord is giving me work that I love in these middle years, work that will benefit others and that will shine light on His glorious beauty. Truly, the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places (Psalm 16:6).