Today is a snow day.  I slept in, had homemade bread with butter and jelly for breakfast (thanks, Christy!), and am currently drinking hot chocolate out of my favorite “Aunt Becca” mug while I sit in front of a crackling fire (thanks to my sister and bro-in-law for bringing me firewood on Saturday!).  Outside, the fattest little birds I’ve ever seen are hopping around, scrounging for food.  I really think they might pop at any minute.  The back patio looks like a winter wonderland, and the street out front doesn’t have any tire tracks, just lots of footprints.  People are out walking their dogs, walking their kids, chatting with neighbors.

I’ve been thinking while I sit here in front of the fire, mesmerized by its flickering flames.  And I’ve decided something.  Unexpected holidays are good for the soul.  Really, you just need one every few months.  It’s like everyone takes a “mental health” day together.  There are no expectations for driving to see family (no matter how much you love them) or doing other obligations that are generally required during expected holidays.  And you’ve hopefully already done the list of chores and activities that you often have to do over the weekend.  Instead, there’s a general sense of true holiday freedom.

Maybe it’s really just exciting for someone with my personality: introverted, therefore delighted for a day to curl up at home, and free spirited, so perfectly happy for an unplanned day.  And, of course, it helps that the power is on.  🙂

Still, even if you are taking a “work from home” day, at least you get to do it in your pjs (or other comfy clothes of choice), with your own coffee cup in hand.  I think (I hope!) there’s still a sense of holiday.

SO.  Hot chocolate in hand, I think I’ll curl up in front of the fire, chat with my roommate for a while, read a good story, and thank the Lord for the lovely gift of an unexpected holiday.